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Welcome To Leeroy's Lizard Lounge LTD / Challinors LTD


Site last updated on Friday 1st July 2016

Welcome To Warrington's Leading Stockist of Reptiles and Reptile Products,we will soon be stocking fish tropical and cold water also aquariums and related products, Come take a look you wont be disappointed...!!! We now offer fishing tackle baits (maggots,worms and casters) frozen pike and sea baits are available from our shop next door Challinors LTD
 lizard lounge
All set-ups available to take away same day, also as part of our very own courier service we now offer the option of delivering full ready set up enclosures and reptiles also fish and aquariums anywhere in the uk direct to your door call for details...
Add us on TWITTER @leeroyslizard
also on 
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Leeroy's Lizard Lounge "Bringing the Natural world to your home"
Free Local Delivery Now Available Ask For Details
 Also now available LLL Reptile courier Delivery same or next day service from £9.99 call for details.
Leeroys Lizard Lounge ONLINE book online for discounted prices and get delivered to your door 7days a week  

  Leeroy's Lizard Lounge provides you with a large selection of exotic pet species with related care and products.  

Have a look through our vast selection of exotic pets from small praying mantises, Chameleons,Bosc Monitors,Green Basilisk,Bearded Dragons, Frilled Dragons,Water Dragons, and a selection of Gecko's,Hermanns Tortoise,Horsefield Tortoise,Terrapins,Scorpions,Tarantulas,Boa's,Corn Snakes King Snakes and much more... You can find everything you require for your new or existing exotic pet from housing,decor and heating to live,frozen and dried foods. These can all be found in the on-line store section.

We take great care in packaging your order, especially when it comes to your new exotic pet. We do our very best to ensure that the journey is as comfortable as possible. If you have an enquiry,give us a call or send us an e-mail . Our team at Leeroy's Lizard Lounge will do our best to provide you with the information you require.

Here at Leeroys Lizard Lounge we have a very hands on approach to reptile keeping and openly allow you to interact with the reptiles allowing you to hold your chosen reptile...! We believe this is very important when choosing your reptile as you need to feel comfortable  handling  them this is important for both you and your reptiles welfare... 

                     We are constantly listing new arrivals, so please come back regularly and see what's available.

If you see anything you like you can purchase on-line or e-mail/callfor any further information.

Also if there is a specific reptile you want that's not on the site please let me know.

***Why not add our site to your FAVOURITES so you can keep upto date with our regular new arrivals...!!!***

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